Bangchak Group is ready to drive the development of the Low-Carbon Society with the BCP 316 NET Plan comprising

4 Dimensions

in order to achieve organizational

Carbon Neutrality by 2030 and Net Zero by 2050

emphasizing tangible processes and long-term results.

Breakthrough Performance

Efficiency and Process Improvement = 30%

Emphasizes high quality production processes, efficiency enhancements for

Low Carbon

emissions and environmental-friendliness,

Such as using technology and

fuels that reduce

Bangchak refinery’s carbon emissions,

Opening Net Zero service stations, Using electricity from

energy storage (batteries)

from BCPG Green Energy Business etc.

Conserving Nature and Society

Green and Blue Carbon = 10%

Promoting ecological balance and linkage towards a low-carbon society through natural carbon sequestration, emphasizing the cultivation of carbon sequestration through

2 ecosystems namely

Forest Ecosystems (Green Carbon)

such as reforestation campaigns with the Royal Forest Department, and tree-planting in company operations such as in BCPG power plants etc.

Marine Ecosystems (Blue Carbon)

from mangroves and seagrass such as Mangrove Reforestation with the Department of and Coastal Resources, sponsoring Kasetsart University – Faculty of Fisheries’ Feasibility Study of Seagrass GHG and Carbon Sequestration along Koh Mak and Koh Kradat Coral Reefs etc.

This also includes employee carbon credit evaluation skill development in collaboration with various multi-dimensional partners to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Proactive Business Growth and Transition

Green Portfolio, Future Technology and Carbon Offset = 60%

Transitioning business towards

Clean Energy

and the Net Zero target through technology for sustainable growth, increase revenue from Green Businesses,

Such as

low-carbon fuel alternatives such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) or Green Diesel, Carbon Capture and Utilization and Storage technology, and Carbon credit trading business to promote low-carbon culture.

Emphasizing new investments that reduce GHG emissions from business operations, study technologies that foster

low-carbon businesses

Green Businesses account for about


of Bangchak Group EBITDA In 2020 - 2025

Which is expected to grow to at least


by 2030

Net Zero Ecosystem

Ecosystem Creation

Creating an ecosystem that accommodate the Net Zero target such as

BFPL’s fuel transportation business,

providing low-carbon fuels,

Offering the EV-bike rental platform


establishing Carbon Markets Club to promote carbon credit trading,

joining in setting up the Syn Bio Consortium, fostering organizational low-carbon culture through various awareness campaigns such as

“Bangchak 100X Climate Action: All Hands On Board”, as well as waste management campaigns with customers and consumers such as “Cups for Saplings”, “Conserve & Share for Happiness” and “Mobile Refused Waste” campaigns etc.

This also includes educating and communicating with business stakeholders such as suppliers resulting in a

Sustainable Supply Chain,

Leaving no one behind.

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