Ethical code of conduct for Investor Relations Officers, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited.

Bangchak Corporation PLC gives utmost importance to the conduct of its investor relation officers, with emphasis on efficient communication to foster confidence in investors, shareholders, and stakeholders. The company has duly issued Investor Relations codes of ethics as protocol for Investor Relations Officers to follow, which also coincides with the company’s Good Governance policy. Investor Relations Officers code of conduct are as follow:

  1. Perform duty with utmost integrity, preserving confidential information, and avoiding any course of action that would be construed as a pursuit of self-interest from inside information.
  2. Disclose necessary information thoroughly, accurately, sufficiently, with credibility. As well as, following the protocols mandated by related governing sectors.
  3. Disclose information to every group of stakeholders in the most impartial manner, and generate fair opportunities for all stakeholders to access and raise queries.
  4. Conduct duties to the absolute of one’s abilities, possessing professionalism, and adhering to the good governance principles. As well as, constantly intellectually pursuing knowledge to improve work efficiency.
  5. Strengthen investors’ confidence, and instill an excellent image of the company, at the same time promoting a healthy relationship between the company and its shareholders, investors, analysts, and stakeholders.
  6. Not to disclose information related to operating results within 15 calendar days prior the release of financial performance, and refrain from trading company’s securities as per company’s Good Governance policy.