annouces 1995 performances

The Bangchak Petroleum Plc (BCP) announced its 1995 performances today saying that in 1995 the company has expanded its Bangchak petrol stations nationwide by 34% to a total of 940 stations. The expansion of petrol stations helped raise BCP's sales volume by 15% from the year 1994 to Bt33,359 million. In addition, BCP now has the third highest number of petrol stations. In 1996, BCP said that it sets a target to expand the stations in Bangkok and suburban areas by another 200 stations. Besides, BCP has also expanded its "Lemon Green" minimart business which is the business concept created by the company to provide consumer goods service to the customers. The shops will be located in the petrol stations, housing villages, and beside some main roads as well as in some big cities. Lemon Green is operated by the company itself or as a franchise system. In 1995 the company has tripled its "Lemon Green" branches from 21 to 67 branches. This year, BCP will focus on expanding the branches both in Bangkok and other provinces. Concerning the refinery, the company has developed its production unit in order to produce all the unleaded gasolines and has also additionally invested about Bt9,000 million in the production unit of high-quality gasolines which when completed would raise the company's income by Bt2,000 million per year. The hydrodefuriser unit of the project was now being designed and the projectwill be opened for bid in April 1996 and will be completed in 1998. Translated by the Nation