This Executive Talk was honored by

Ms. Phatpuree Chinkulkitnivat

Senior Executive Vice President, Accounting and Finance

Ms. Phatpuree Chinkulkitnivat, Senior Executive Vice President - Accounting and Finance (CFO), as a panel speaker, has joined the “International Women’s Day #EmbraceEquity” hosted by event Citi Thailand Women’s Network at The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok on March 16, 2023.

This Executive Talk issue was honored to share Ms. Phatpuree’s vision of how Bangchak embraces equity and diversity.

What policies or practices does Bangchak have to promote DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)?

At Bangchak, we have adopted the UN Framework on respecting human rights and women empowerment. We have a clear commitment to support women's potentials. As we are in the energy business, we believe the various energy sources bring energy security, as well the diverse staffs bring strengths to the organization. This is what we have in practice. Therefore, we need to look at equity, especially in the matters of employees. We have been constantly provided equality in all the process starting from recruiting, promoting, listening to their opinions, and even taking good care of their workplace. Another important aspect is employee engagement strategy. We believe that our happy employees will be the important driving force for our organization.

Last year, we set our organize resolution to to be a 100-year sustainable organization, employees as well must be 100X happy. Bangchak is also ranked among the Top 50 companies that the new generation wants to work with. When we look back at what we have done to deserve the title, we found that we have always been listening to our employee voices which considerably deliver beneficial consequences to both employees and the whole organization.

As a senior management, what are the practices or techniques of your leadership approaches to unite people together with respect (Inclusive Leadership)?
First, we understand that each individual has uniqueness and differences in gender, age, work experience, life experience as well as strength and weakness. Some can quickly think and act but not so detailed. Some have unique personalities and are not so good in communication but very creative. Appearance may not indicate any abilities or strengths people have. Our job is to find people strengths and utilize those, making the team stronger. However, we must not forget that among those differences, what everyone has in common is to be valued as a part of the team and organization. This is very important. We need to communicate, listen, connect, and give them times. Then we will be able to assemble a stronger team. Another important thing is to express compliments, make them know we value their strength and good performance, in which this will automatically help create a good team.
What do you think are the challenges in promoting DE&I, and what are the key factors that will encourage everyone to see the importance of DE&I and get involved more?

Form my opinion, when we only focus on work and results, we will be in a hurry and busy so that we will not have time to pay attention, learn, and truly understand our colleagues. This can lead to the quick judgement and unable to recognize the diversities and strengths of people. This is a major challenge.

The key factor that can promote DE&I is to create a safe environment where everyone can be their own. They can show themselves without being judged, but with a feeling of being an insider, not an outsider.

We need to create an organizational culture that allows everyone to participate, get to know each other better, care each other more, and create awareness for us not to jump to conclusion and not to judge people. This is also to realize that we should treat others as we want others to treat us.

Ms. Phatpuree Chinkulkitnivat

Senior Executive Vice President, Accounting and Finance