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This Executive Talk was honored by Mr. Warakorn Kosolpisitkul, Executive Vice President, Marketing Business to discuss about Bangchak Service stations on which is any update on new products or services that Bangchak implement to meet the change of consumer needs.

This Executive Talk was honored by Mr. Warakorn Kosolpisitkul, Executive Vice President, Marketing Business to discuss about Bangchak Service stations on which is any update on new products or services that Bangchak implement to meet the change of consumer needs.

Q: Could you kindly discuss about is there an adjustment for Bangchak service station during this New Normal age?

A: Every business requires a new mindset, adapted to change to a “New Normal” in order to follow new consumer’s behavior. Especially in the perspective of public health in which every individual seems to pay the most attention. As Bangchak always operates business in harmony with the society and environment. The company has set strict measures to support safety and improve the standard of service stations by providing all the employees to wear protective masks, have body temperatures checked before entering work, regularly use alcohol gel sanitizers, hourly clean sterilize restrooms and various contact points in the station. Also, Bangchak has developed the system that electronically facilitates financial transactions called “Bangchak Digital Payment”. This innovation is designed to accept payments for petrol, products and services in the Bangchak service stations; moreover, this system promises to speed up the delivery of services while offering greater convenience and also is a perfect answer to the Digital & Cashless society. For non-oil businesses, such as the Inthanin coffee shop, also adjusted its strategy by introducing delivery services and seeks more online customers partnering with Delivery distributors such as GRAB, GET and LINE Man to support the growing demand for food delivery.

Q: What are key features of the Bangchak Digital Payment system?

A: Bangchak has developed this system through its collaboration with Krungthai Bank, electronically facilitates financial transactions such as petrol payments and simultaneously collects reward points for “Bangchak Green Miles” member card and partners’ members. This system allows customers to pay with a QR code via mobile banking application, E-wallet, any credit or debit card. The digital-payment increases impressive speed, security and convenience, also reduces the need to handle cash which goes well with new-normal lifestyles and will boost customer confidence in using Bangchak service stations.

Q: What was the idea to develop this digital payment system?

A: The company has always paid the most attention to the Customer Journey, under the Greenovative Experience, by using Bangchak digital payment system proven to speed up the delivery of services while offering greater convenience, automatically collects reward points for the Bangchak members upon completing payment transactions under 2 minutes in front of customers. This system has been launched at several Bangchak service stations and has received such positive feedbacks from the customers.

Q: How many service stations available for this service?

A: We have implemented this system on 5 locations e.g. Soi Sukhumvit 62, Srinakharin Road, Vibhavadi, frontage road and Bangna-Trad Road, KM 22, since late April. Bangchak Digital Payment is now getting ready for its launch to 50 Bangchak service stations in Greater Bangkok by August, and will later be launched all other parts of Thailand.

Q: Apart from our new digital transaction, we constantly see new products development. Can you explain how?

A: Company pay very close attention to continuous product development with focuses on high-value, premium products and must goes well with the environment. If we talk about “Greenovative products”, it started in 2015, since Bangchak launched E20S, the first in Asia to qualify EURO 5 standard. In 2016, we introduced “Green S Revolution” high quality product line that helps cleaning and enhancing engine. In 2017, company launched “HI-PREMIUM DIESEL” with higher Cetane level for better performance and later year introduced “FURiO” lubricant with professional racing technology. Since 2019, Bangchak has focused on developing HI-DIESEL B20S and B10S, these newly products not only keep car engines clean, maximizes performance, reduce smog and dust but also help boosting palm price for agriculturist.

Q: Recently Bangchak has launched new product line “Gasohol S EVO Family”, how is this product line differentiate from previous products?

A: “Gasohol S EVO Family” enhanced Green S revolution technology, has added quality additives “S Dual Purifier”, which provide excellent cleaning of injectors. The engine therefore burns completely causing the engine to run smoothly. From our experiment when compare E20S with regular E20, the results show as follow:

  • 100% clean of GDI1 engine injectors, resulting in complete combustion, prevent clogged nozzles along with added S Turbo modifier which enhance engine performance, increase horse power and therefore can accelerate strongly
  • Rust and corrosion protection at A - Rating, extending the life of the engine for longer
  • The first Euro 5 standard in Asia with below 10 PPM sulfur content, good for the environment. Help reducing the pollution from combustion by reducing carbon dioxide by 14% and nitrogen oxides by up to 50%, which is the main cause of global warming and acid rain

Q: Before launching these quality products, Bangchak must be very confident in the quality of the oil?

A: Yes, we have tested the S EVO Family with the GDI engine based on the CEC TDG-113 standard that will be developed for future injector cleaning performance testing. Including testing with the PFI2 engine for intake valve cleaning performance. In addition, Dyno Test3 is performed to measure acceleration, horsepower and torque. Also emission testing is included by using WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure), which is a new EU exhaust emission testing standard.

Q: How many service stations that have S EVO Family available?

A: The S EVO gasohol is now available including G-based 91, 95, E20 and E85 at any Bangchak stations nationwide.


1 GDI – Gasoline Direct Injection, direct injection of fuel into the combustion chamber system for more fuel saving, good dispersion, better performance. This system will be most likely use on new car model.

2 PFI – Port Fuel Injection, ordinary port injection system which injecting into the back of the intake valve of the engine.

3 Dyno Test - A device for simultaneously measuring force, torque or power. It's a type of absorption dynamometer that uses the drums' heavy inertia to soak up the car engine's power.

Mr. Warakorn Kosolpisitkul

Executive Vice President, Marketing Business
Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited