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Bangchak's Inthanin Serves Beverages in Eco-Friendly Cups

Mr. Pongchai Chaichirawiwat, Senior Executive Vice President, Marketing Business, Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited, Mr. Viboon Wongsakul, the firm's Assistant President, and famous actress Natapohn Tameeruks or "Nong Taew" have jointly unveiled the eco-friendly cups by Bangchak's Inthanin. Made of Ingeo or 100-per-cent vegetative materials, the cups are the innovation that is good to both the environment and human health. About 40 of more than 400 Inthanin outlets start using the Ingeo cups in April 2015. The rest will also serve Inthanin beverages in Ingeo cups before the end of this year. Designed by the world's biggest bioplastic manufacturer NatureWorks, Ingeo comes from Polylactic Acid. Its use will reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and ease global warming.