Nature of Business

Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited is a Thai energy company that operates in tandem with socio-environmental responsibility. Its core business is petroleum refining to produce high-standard products from domestic and international sources. With a capacity of 120,000 barrels per day, Bangchak produces and distributes its products through more than 1,000 service stations nationwide. It has expanded its businesses to oil trading, green power, bio-based products, natural resources, and business development. Its ultimate goal is to enhance energy security for the country and expand investment to new businesses so that its business may be continued and sustained.
Optimized Platform for Growth
  • Full Value Chain Integration
  • Diversified Business Portfolio
  • Strong Financial Discipline

Refinery and Trading Business Group

Our Complex refinery is fully equipped with value added conversion/extracting units which completely integrated with domestic trading network.


Our service stations are at the heart of demand and clustered around strategic locations throughout the country, in which we equipped non-oil business to maximize return per space utilization

Bio-Based Products

Secure feedstock and capturing biofuel demand

E&P Business
  • Adapt competitiveness for long-term
    Rationalized assets and implement Cost control
Green Power Plant

Stable earnings stream Green Power Plant business has a high visibility stream of cash flow

  • Complete mix of assets
    Producing assets, Development opportunities and Attractive exploration prospects
  • Refinery and Marketing business are the main source of overall earnings
  • Synchronization of benefit
    Being fully integrated model, the profit can be optimized through business cycle

Refinery and Trading Business Group

Bangchak’s refinery is categorized as a modern complex refinery with a maximum capacity of 120,000 barrels per day. It can produce a large volume of premium-value gasoline and diesel.

Gasohol and diesel from Bangchak Refinery are certified as Euro 4 Standard-compliant by the government. Its refinery is the first in Asia that produced the eco-friendly gasohol E20 to meet the Euro 5 standard with less than 10 parts per million (ppm) of sulfur or five times as low as the Euro 4 standard. Bangchak also focuses on improving energy stability in its production processes by using electricity and steam from a cogeneration power plant, using more environmentally friendly natural gas in place of fuel oil and enhancing the efficiency of the refining process with the 3E Project and YES-R to increase its production capacity. To increase the capacity and process operation to maximize the benefit, the following additional efforts have been made.

  • Improved the efficiency of managing crude oil supply, refining processes, storage, distribution and shipping tankers to enable the continuation of refinery operations. As a result, the average annual refining capacity in 2017 was 111,000 barrels per day. The average daily production was recorded at 121.64 KBD in March.
  • Executed better planning and procurement process of crude oil to obtain appropriate GRMs. Effectively utilized the Roll Month agreement to reduce the costs of crude oil. As a result, the average annual refining margin was US$ 6.38 per barrel.
  • Started operating the third-unit at Combined-Cycle Power Plant (GTG-3) using natural gas as fuel. It is capable of 12 megawatts (MW) of electricity and 42 tons per hour of steam in order to provide stable and continuous production within the refinery, reduce the cost of electricity and steam, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Continuously developed the oil trading business through BCP Trading Pte. Ltd. by focusing on the strategy of expanding out-out (overseas oil suppliers for overseas customers) transactions.
  • Began storing crude oil on the Floating Storage Unit (FSU) to grow its reserve oil storage capacity.

Marketing Business Group

This year 76% of the refined products were sold to consumers directly through Bangchak’s service stations and networks. There are 1,114 Bangchak service stations in Thailand: 499 standard and 615 community service stations (as of December 2017).

Most of the new service stations of 2017 are spacious and green stylish. They come along with supplementary (non-oil) businesses that help increase its market share and maintain Bangchak’s second place. It also sells products to users in the industrial sector, transport sector, airlines, shipping, construction and the agricultural sector. Bangchak service stations emphasize high-performance renewable, eco-friendly gasohol and diesel. This year it developed and launched to market the "Hi Premium Diesel S" to meet the needs of customers who need high-quality diesel. This product features engine protection, high combustion efficiency, a longer engine life, and friendliness to the environment. In addition, service stations also provide value-added facilities. Bangchak service stations will be expanded to include more convenience stores, coffee shops, fresh-cooked fast food restaurants, car maintenance centers, and car wash services.

With regard to the convenience store business, Bangchak’s convenience stores sell consumer products at the Lemon Green convenience stores and Big C Mini’s located at 165 large service stations near communities. There are 33 service stations that accompany SPAR, a supermarket chain from the Netherlands under the concept of SPAR Fresh & Easy Food Market and Inthanin Coffee Shop. There are over 446 service stations including leading educational institutes and commercial centers where “Inthanin Coffee Shop” and "Inthanin Garden" coffee shops are located. They also house "Lemon Kitchen" fast-food restaurants and car maintenance centers under Wash Pro, Green Wash, and Green Tyre.

Bangchak recognizes social trending and lifestyle changes of modern Thais. Therefore, its service stations are developed under a “Greenovative Experience” model under the renewable, recycle, reuse, and reduce (4Rs) concept. These include Installation of a solar roof top to produce electricity, an EV charger station for electric vehicles, an automatic bottle recycling machine for recycling polyester fiber, rain water collection for water reuse for gardening, a healthy coffee shop using biodegradable coffee cups, use of organic coffee grown with wild and non-chemical methods, and use of energy-saving materials and increase of green areas.

In addition to fuel products, Bangchak produces and sells lubricants and special products such as transmission oil, brake fluids, and greases, under the "BCP Lubricants" brand, sold to the domestic market through the network of service stations, retails, plants, OEM markets, and international markets. This year Bangchak developed the “FURiO” premium-grade lubricant that can save on fuels, prevent corrosion, and protects the engine in all modes of operation.

Bio-based Product Business

Aware of the importance of renewable energy to Thailand's energy security and the reduction of trade deficit arising from importing fuels, Bangchak has promoted ethanol and biodiesel by blending them with gasoline and diesel to produce gasohol 91 and gasohol 95, gasohol E20, gasohol E85 and Hi Diesel.

This year Bangchak has completed amalgamation between BBP Holdings Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Bangchak, and KSLGI Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Khon Kaen Sugar Industry Public Company Limited, to form BBGI Co., Ltd., which is 60% owned by Bangchak, operates the largest biofuel production and distribution business in Thailand. The total production capacity is more than 1,710,000 liters per day, divided into 900,000 liters of ethanol and 810,000 liters of biodiesel per day. Below are four BBGI subsidiaries:

  • Bangchak Biofuel Co., Ltd. (BBF), is 70% owned by BBGI. BBF is a key player in the biodiesel business by using palm oil as a main raw material. The total installed capacity is now 810,000 liters per day. BBF is currently under construction preparation for the prototype plant of high-value bio-based products derived from palm fatty acid distillates for high-quality biodiesel production. At the same time it has begun investigating a refined glycerin project to grow its product values.
  • Bangchak Bioethanol (Chachoengsao) Co., Ltd. (BBE), is 85% owned by BBGI. BBE produces ethanol derived from cassava as a main raw material, with a total ethanol capacity of 150,000 liters per day. It is located in Amphoe Phanom Sarakham, Chachoengsao.
  • Ubon Bio Ethanol Co., Ltd. (UBE) is 21.28% owned by BBGI and is located in Amphoe Na Yia, Ubon Ratchathani. The ethanol production capacity is 400,000 liters per day. With raw-material options ranging from fresh cassava, cassava chips, to molasses, UBE can produce 700 tons per day of tapioca flour in addition to power generation from waste water derived from ethanol and dry tapioca flour processes.
  • KSL Green Innovation Pcl. (KGI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BBGI, produces and sells ethanol derived from molasses. The total capacity is 350,000 liters per day.

Green-power Business

Bangchak has invested in the green power business through the operations of BCPG Plc., a subsidiary of Bangchak to generate and distribute electricity from new types of renewable energy and clean energy.

Last year BCPG had a total capacity of 585 MW both in Thailand and abroad. Of this, 394 MW is in operation, and 191 MW in progress. In Thailand, a total of 190 MW in solar farms, of which 182 MW is in operation, and 9 MW is in progress. In Japan, BCPG has a plan to install 192 MW solar farm, of which 40 MW is in operation, and 152 MW is in progress. With regard to wind energy, BCPG has a plan to install 20 MW (equity), of which 14 MW is in operation, and 6 MW is in progress. A geothermal power plant is also BCPG’s interest. It has planned to install 182 MW (equity). So far, 158 MW is in operation, and 24 MW is in progress.

Natural resources and business development business

Bangchak has established BCP Energy International Pte. Ltd. (BCPE) in Singapore to operate its international businesses involving energy, petrochemicals, and natural resources. It currently wholly owns Nido Petroleum Limited to focus on petroleum exploration and production primarily in Southeast Asia.

Bangchak established BCP Innovation Pte. Ltd. (BCPI) in Singapore to conduct businesses involving international innovation. BCPI acquired a 15.86% interest in Lithium Americas Corporation, a listed company on the Canadian Stock Exchange. Its business is lithium mining in Argentina and the United States to support the soaring demand for lithium batteries in renewable-energy power plants for the stability of the transmission system and the production of electricity from renewable energy, the use of batteries in electric cars, including various portable electronic devices.

R&D and Innovation Business

Bangchak established Bangchak Initiative and Innovation Center (BiiC) to create a Green Ecosystem so that it may drive innovation by focusing on green energy and bio-based business. Research and development, management of technologies, and networking help leverage the expansion of the business (both domestic and abroad) in parallel with incubation of startup businesses under the Thailand 4.0 economy. Its ultimate goal is to join the Evolving Greenovation Group in Asia.