Core Strategies for sustainability

Bangchak has formulated a 3S Strategy to attain its organizational goals, both in the short term and long term, as detailed below:

Core strategies for sustainable business operation


Enhancing energy security

Expanding investment to upstream businesses to supply sufficient energy for the business sector and public demand. Seeking new sources of energy, such as through lithium mining.


Developing business for growth and diversifying risks for secure revenue

Sustainably creating value for the business by increasing the proportion of new-business income. Bangchak invests in green energy and other businesses by focusing on domestic and overseas businesses with steady returns and low external risks, such as green power plants.


Developing the business pattern that benefits society and the environment

Keeping business development in balance among business, social and environmental value, Bangchak focuses on sustainable development, such as developing service stations under the concept of “Greenovative Experience”. Moreover, the company pays attention to water, which is a crucial resource in production processes. Finally, it reduces water usage and reuses waste water to ensure optimal use.

Since the business consumes a large volume of energy, Bangchak has set a goal to become a low-carbon company that minimizes carbon dioxide emission and mitigates climate change impacts.