Core Strategies for sustainability

Bangchak’s 3S Strategy is designed to achieve short-term as well as long-term goals as described below:

Core strategies for sustainable business operation


Enhance competitiveness, forge secure returns by strategizing the refinery business and the marketing business together to procure, produce, and sell enough fuels for the needs of the business sector and the public. These are to be achieved by planning procurement and purchase of crude oil from domestic and overseas deposits for attractive refining margins and by growing investment in energy innovations, including lithium mines, Key material of battery production, to accommodate changes in demand and future energy technology, including mobile electronic devices and electric vehicles.


Create sustainable business value by increasing the proportion of emerging business revenue through investment in green energy and other businesses and building on products for high value-added ones. Also, focus on investment in steady-income businesses with low risk exposure to external factors in Thailand and abroad, including green power energy and bio-based products.


Develop businesses for a balance between business value and socio-environmental value by taking sustainable development seriously, including development of “Greenovative Experience” service stations, and by valuing water resources-a vital production process resource-leading to a goal of water consumption reduction and by optimizing water discharge reuse.

This includes work process improvement, development of innovative products and businesses derived from R&D efforts of the Bangchak Initiative and Innovation Center (BiiC) jointly with public and private institutions, as well as investment and startup business incubation. To this end, focus is on innovative green businesses and bio-based businesses that benefit society and the environment. In addition, in place is a corporate performance monitoring process through social and environmental KPIs.