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Core Strategies for sustainability

Bangchak’s operating strategies in pursuit of corporate goals in the short term and the long term are

Core strategies for sustainable business operation

Strive for business growth
and diversify risks
toward businesses
with secure revenue

Set growth goals by supplementing sustainable value to businesses through growing the proportion of revenue from new businesses of clean energy and other energy businesses, marked by constant revenue stream and low risks due to external factors.

Pursue the status
of a low-carbon company

Set a goal of posting a minimal volume of carbon dioxide emission by relentlessly operating a project to improve energy and refinery resource efficiency, while investigating investment in renewable/alternative energy.

Reformat business
activities to benefit society and the environment

Set corporate culture goals to develop businesses side by side with the environment and society for corporate sustainability. Run CSR/CSV businesses complementary to business growth and extend from them. This social enterprise is aimed at creating jobs, generating income, and promoting community members’ joint stewardship of their habitats.

Be transparent
and accountable

Set business goals based on transparency and accountability, whether when disclosing business data under corporate governance or in line with SET’s requirements, while managing proactive environmental work.