Company Structure

Refinery and Trading Business Group

Bangchak’s complex refinery has a nameplate capacity of 120,000 barrels per day, with gasoline and diesel as the majority of the yields. The quality of its gasohol and diesel products meet the public sector’s Euro 4 standard. It focuses on energy stability in its production processes by using electricity and steam derived from its cogeneration power plant, while replacing fuel oil with cleaner-burning natural gas. The company is now ready to raise the efficiency of its processes with the implementation of 3E and YES-R projects.

BCP Trading Pte. Ltd. (BCPT)
Established in Singapore, BCPT engages in commodity trading, encompassing crude oil, petroleum and petrochemical products, chemicals, and downstream businesses. It has an initial registered capital of US$1 million, wholly owned by Bangchak.

Bongkot Marine Service Co., Ltd.
This joint venture with a registered capital of Baht 240 million, in which Bangchak holds a 30% stake, engages in services and storage businesses together with administration of petroleum products.

Fuel Pipeline Transportation Co., Ltd. (FPT)
FPT engages in the business of fuel transport via an underground multiproduct pipeline from Bangchak Refinery, following the railway route to Chong Nonsi Oil Depot, Don Mueang International Airport Oil Depot, and finally to Bangchak’s Oil Depot at Amphoe Bang Pa-in and to FPT. A pipeline connection was made at the Makkasan area in Bangkok with the system of JP One Asset Co., Ltd., to supply aviation fuels to Suvarnabhumi International Airport. FPT’s registered capital is Baht 3.660 billion, and Bangchak’s stake here is 4.95%.

Marketing Business Group

The Marketing Business Group sells refined fuels to consumers through Bangchak’s network of 1,075 service stations nationwide, made up of 460 standard and 615 community service stations as of year-end 2016. To provide convenience to customers, the stations offer supplementary businesses under the operation of Bangchak Retail Co., Ltd., which also distributes products to industrial users together with the transport sector, airlines, vessels, construction sector, and agricultural sector.

Bangchak Green Net Co., Ltd. (BGN)
With a registered capital of Baht 1 million, of which Bangchak holds 49.0%, BGN engages in service station administration and manages the sale of other consumer products at Bai Chak and Lemon Green outlets.

Bangchak Retail Co., Ltd. (BCR)
Founded on January 27, 2016, with a registered capital of Baht 300 million, this wholly-owned subsidiary of Bangchak engages in the food and drink business to accommodate steady growth in the retail business through the SPAR supermarket brand, Inthanin Coffee, and Inthanin Garden premium coffee shop, and other supplementary businesses.

Oam Suk Social Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Oak Suk Social Enterprise’s initial registered capital is Baht 10 million, of which Bangchak holds a 40% stake. It engages in the purchase of agricultural produce and organic crops for processing, marketing, distribution, and R&D.

Green Power Business Group

Under PPAs with EGAT and PEA, Bangchak engages in the solar power generation business (solar farm) under the name of “Sunny Bangchak”. In 2015 it restructured its clean power business by founding BCPG Co., Ltd., to engage and invest in the clean power business by selling the solar farm business (phase 1) and transferring to BCPG its common shares in its clean power business to BCPG.

BCPG Public Company Limited (BCPG)
With a registered capital of Baht 10 billion, BCPG Plc engages in the business of and investment in clean power generation, domestic and abroad. This year BCPG acquired a solar farm in Japan and was chosen to participate in a ground-based solar farm project for an agricultural cooperative. The total capacity under BCPG’s contracts is 324 MW, out of the nameplate capacity of about 418 MW. Bangchak has already had BCPG listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) with an IPO on September 28, 2016, for 30% of BCPG’s paid-up capital. Bangchak holds 70.35% equity in BCPG.

Bangchak Solar Energy Co., Ltd. (BSE)
Wholly owned by BCPG, BSE has a registered capital of Baht 1.8 billion. It manages phase 2 (32 MW) of the solar farm project located in Amphoe Bamnet Narong, Chaiyaphum, and Amphoe Bang Pa-Han, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, each with a capacity of 16 MW, together with phase 3 (48 MW), operated by five subsidiaries. These are located at Amphoe Kabin Buri, Prachin Buri (16 MW); Amphoe Dan Khun Thot, Nakhon Ratchasima (8 MW) under the operation of Bangchak Solar Energy (Nakhon Ratchasima) Co., Ltd.; Amphoe Prakhon Chai, Buri Ram (8 MW) under the operation of Bangchak Solar Energy (Buri Ram) Co., Ltd.; Amphoe Nong Ki, Buri Ram (8 MW) under the operation of Bangchak Solar Energy (Buri Ram 1) Co., Ltd.; and Tambon Hua Thale, Amphoe Bamnet Narong, Chaiyaphum (8 MW) under the operation of Bangchak Solar Energy (Chaiyaphum 1) Co., Ltd.

BCPG Investment Holdings Pte. Ltd.
With a registered capital of S$40,000, BCPG’s wholly owned company was founded in Singapore to invest in overseas solar farm businesses. Today in Japan, it boasts a contractual capacity of about 194 MW out of a total nameplate capacity of about 236 MW, of which 20 MW is already in commercial production and 174 MW under development. Besides solar power generation, BCPG plans to invest in several other forms of clean-energy power businesses, including biomass, wind farms, and geothermal power plants.

BCPG Biopower 1 Co., Ltd., and BCPG Biopower 2 Co., Ltd.
Both companies develop and operate biomass power plants with a registered capital of Baht 60 million and Baht 20 million, wholly owned by BCPG.

Bio-Based Products Business Group

Bangchak advocates the blending of ethanol with gasoline and biodiesel with diesel to form Gasohol 91 and Gasohol 95, Gasohol E20, and Gasohol E85, together with Hi-Diesel for distribution. Bio-Based Products Business consists of the following.

BBGI Company Limited
Bangchak’s wholly owned company was founded to engage in bio-based products business operation and organizational restructuring

KSL Green Innovation Public Company Limited (KSLGI)
KSLGI has a registered capital of Baht 610 million, of which BBGI holds an 100% stake. KSLGI engages in Manufacturing and distributing alcohol.

Bangchak Bioethanol (Chachoengsao) Co., Ltd. (BBE)
BBE has a registered capital of Baht 500 million, of which BBGI holds an 85% stake. Located at Amphoe Phanom Sarakham, Chachoengsao, BBE engages in 99.5% ethanol production with a capacity of 150,000 liters/day, based on fresh cassava and cassava chips to accommodate the steady rising demand for ethanol. It is preparing to expand the capacity to 200,000 liters per day.

Bangchak Biofuel Co., Ltd. (BBF)
BBF has a registered capital of Baht 281.5 million, of which BBGI holds 70% equity. With crude palm oil as the main raw material, BBF’s total biodiesel capacity is now increased to 920,000 liters per day. Located in Amphoe Bang Pa-In, next to Bang Pa-in Oil Depot, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, BBF is preparing to construct a prototype plant for high-value bio-based products from palm fatty acids to add value. Also to add value to its products, it has initiated a pure glycerine project.

Ubon Bio Ethanol Co., Ltd. (UBE)
UBE has a registered capital of Baht 2.740 billion, of which BBGI holds a 21.28% stake. Located at Amphoe Na Yia, Ubon Ratchathani, UBE engages in the ethanol and tapioca flour business with a current capacity of 400,000 liters per day based on fresh cassava, cassava chips, and molasses to enhance ethanol supply security and accommodate growth in Gasohol E20 and Gasohol E85 sale. Its subsidiary engages in processing cassava into flour with a capacity of 1,400 tons per day and operating a biogas power generation plant derived from the treatment of wastewater derived from flour and ethanol processes.

Natural Resources and Business Development Group

Incorporated in Singapore by Bangchak, BCP Energy International Pte. Ltd. (BCPE) runs and invests in international businesses of energy, petrochemicals, and natural resources. BCPE currently holds common shares in Nido Petroleum Ltd., listed on the Australian stock exchange. Nido Petroleum engages in petroleum exploration and production (E&P) with an investment focus in Southeast Asia.

In 2015, Bangchak set up BCP Innovation Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to engage in overseas innovation-based business through investment in Lithium Americas Corporation, listed on Canada’s stock exchange. LAC operates a lithium mining business in Argentina and the US. Commanding soaring demand, lithium serves as a key raw material for batteries.

BCP Energy International Pte. Ltd. (BCPE)
BCPE has a registered capital of US$111.4 million, wholly owned by Bangchak. BCPE was founded in Singapore to engage and invest in overseas energy, petrochemical, and natural resource businesses. Today, through its common shares, it has invested in 96.98% of Nido Petroleum Ltd.

BCP Innovation Pte. Ltd. (BCPI)
BCPI has a registered capital of US$5.1 million, wholly owned by Bangchak. Incorporated in Singapore, BCP Innovation Pte. Ltd. (BCPI) runs and invests in overseas innovation businesses. As of December 2016, it invested in 6.7% of the common shares of Lithium Americas Corporation (LAC).

Nido Petroleum Limited (NIDO)
Listed on the Australian stock exchange, Nido Petroleum Limited (Nido) engages in the E&P business with an investment focus in Southeast Asia. It holds rights in producing oil fields, namely Galoc, Nido, and Matinloc in the Philippines with a current combined output of 4,500 barrels per day, as well as rights in fields under development and exploration, namely West Linapacan in the Philippines, and rights in fields under exploration, namely SC6B, SC14D, SC54A, SC54B, SC58, and SC63 in that country. It also owns rights in the Gurita Field of Indonesia.

Lithium Americas Corporation (LAC)
Registered on the Toronto stock exchange, Canada, LAC (6.7% owned by Bangchak) operates a lithium mine for lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide, key raw materials for batteries with robust trends for batteries of various products, namely hybrid cars, electric cars, assorted electrical appliances, and batteries for large-scale power plants.

LAC is an M&A product between LAC and Western Lithium USA Corporation (WLC) in 2015, both listed on the Toronto stock exchange. It changed its name to WLC and, in 2016, to LAC. Today LAC is developing two mining projects in Argentina and the US. The Argentina project is run by an affiliate named Minera Exar S.A., with production set to begin in 2019 at 25,000 tons per year of lithium carbonate. The US project is run by another affiliate named Lithium Nevada Corporation, with production set to begin in 2019. Full production of lithium is planned at 26,000 tons per year. Finally, WLC’s businesses also consist of clay compounds / drilling additives for petroleum E&P well drilling under the operation of RheoMinerals Inc. (formerly Hectatone Inc.), with sale beginning in 2015 at a capacity of 10,000 tons per year.